Smart Lockout Management

Mobile application to guarantee safety and compliance in Lockouts

Safe lockouts, every time.

Few moments are as critical for staff safety and site productivity as a safe shutdown for machine maintenance.

Smart Lock- our mobile application for Lockouts cuts out mistakes and non-compliance in the Lockout process by guiding staff through each step and blocking progression if the task is not completely safe.

Smart Lock- safety and compliance software
Equipment list 1- smart lock safety and compliance software

Build best practice processes, in a click.

With many companies still performing Lockouts on paper, the change to digital lockouts saves time, hassle and injury. Create best practice process documentation in a few clicks with the form builder. Once ready, publish your task data to the cloud and ensure your staff have easy access to the most up-to-date work information.

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Stop work before the emergency

As users work, Smart Lock uses live operational data to calculate risk for every Lockout. Using data from user profiles, process documentation, live operation data and sensors, Smart Lock anticipates hazards before they can develop. When a risk is detected the app blocks progression until the task is made safe.

How does it work?

The mobile application combines real-time data from work across site. If a user skips a step, or if a hazard is identified, the mobile application automatically prevents progress of the Lockout.

1. Supervisor assigns equipment for maintenance and user begins shutdown.

2.The app displays each step while RFID scans check each step is completed.

3.Supervisor hands over to engineer for maintenance in app.

4.Engineer selects correct asset for maintenance and follows instructions on app.

5. Once complete, the app automatically informs operations of safe completion.



reduction in Lockout duration


reduction in LTIs in Lockouts


user satisfaction


What makes it so good?

Fast and user-friendly

The user-friendly platforms eliminates the need for cumbersome paper-based systems, reducing mistakes and down time during maintenance and repair.

Liability locked down

With every step tracked from beginning to end and progress made impossible without compliance, you can ensure staff are safe in every Lockout.

Automated task access control

Enjoy operations that runs like clockwork. With task access controlled automatically you ensure no one enters an unsafe task and time isn’t wasted communicating between teams.

Inspection Management

Smart Lock- safety and compliance software