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Ranging and position detection for collision prevention
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The future of mobile machinery safety
Your business heavily depends on the efficiency of your mobile machinery. Keeping it running, keeps your business running!

However, on complex worksites, the vast range of mobile machinery operating alonside staff poses constant risk. Staff needs to be constantly aware of its surroundings and shielded from all forms of danger: strikes, collisions, entanglement, dropped objects, and so on.

Fexible and easily scalable, SafetyNet allows your workforce to operate in complete coordination, ensuring staff safety without compromising on mobile machinery’s performance.
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Enter Ultra Wide Band
With no reliance on optical or radar technology, UWB excels in accurate tracking of staff and machinery, operating with no blindspots, even in the most complex environments.

UWB Anchors, mounted across your worksite, retrieve live location directly from tags on both machinery and personnel to an accuracy of 5 to 10cm from the target, with near-zero lag times, either indoor or outdoor.
Prevent exposure to hazards with virtual safety perimeters
Ensure continuous situational awareness by setting virtual safety perimeters around staff and machinery and begin protecting your field operatives from all moving hazards.

Fast and precise positioning, ensures reliable detection of safety perimeter breaches around active tags, triggering real-time alerts to affected field operatives via body warn alarms, slowing or even stopping machinery when risk becomes critical, making SafetyNet the perfect solution for increasingly automated workplaces.
How it works
SafetyNet monitors relative position and trajectory of machinery and staff to prevent collisions and improve staff-mobile machinery awareness.

Dynamic virtual perimeters around mobile machinery automatically adjust according to speed, height and dimension of moving objects, ensuring timely reaction from staff members.
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Automated controls
SafetyNet allows you to set area specific automated controls to manage mobile machinery functions, in scenarios where pedestrian restriction is not a possibility:

• Controlled access Machinery activation;
• Speed reduction;
• Machine Shutdown;
• Hydraulic restrictions;
• Lights on;
• Acoustic alarms;
• Etc.
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Overhead machinery operations safety
Since operations happen in three dimensions you also need to protect your field operatives from hazards at height, such as overhead machinery and suspended cargo, keeping staff below aware of the hazards above and away from accidental drop zones.
How it works
LIDAR integration with UWB, provides precise dimensional calculation of objetcts lifted by cranes and gantries, ensuring safety perimeters correctly adjust to size, height and movement of the suspended cargo:

• LIDAR on crane’s arm scans suspended cargo;
• LIDAR projects exclusion zone below lifted objects;
• Staff is alerted when breaching safety perimeter.
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A bird's eye view over safety
Monitor is a user-friendly platform with expandable functionality that unlocks new possibilities for risk management, helping you prevent fines by closely monitoring compliance, while saving you time with on-demand reports:

• Identify high risk areas with heat maps.
• Identify common risk behaviours.
• Compare and benchmark safety performance across sites.
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More than just safety in mind
Establishing virtual perimeters arround work areas, staff and machinery enables a checkpoint system that allows you to leverage real-time positioning and activity torwards improved resource assignment and task schedulling, through such criteria as availability, proximity and so on, granting you the hability to make smarter operational decisions torwards increased productivity.
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Awaken a sixth sense for danger
Find out how SafetyNet could help your company ensure staff safety without compromising mobile machinery performance.
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