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Safe work with machinery, simplified,

the future of machinery safety

When protecting staff on complex work sites, vehicles aren’t your only concern. Machinery risks are everywhere; strikes, collisions, entanglement and dropped objects.

You need to protect staff from them all. SafetyNet helps you do that.

It starts with the Tag. A fast, flexible positioning beacon carried with staff, or mounted on machinery, that relays live location.


built for industry 4.0

Anchors, installed across your work-site, capture live position of tags on machinery and personnel to an accuracy of 3cm. Powered by UltraWide Band (UWB-more on that here), SafetyNet excels in accurate tracking of high numbers of staff and machinery, in even the most complex environments.

Lightning fast, indoors and out.  It is the only network that can handle the demands of managing an industrial workforce in real-time.

It’s the key to your digital twin and we can show you how to use it.

sixth sense for risk

Help ground staff to spot hazards long before they become a risk.

Real-time positioning computers anticipate collisions and breaches of safe zones of work, automatically alerting staff at risk via body worn alarms.

A bit like a sixth sense, warning staff of the hazards they can’t see.


automated barriers

Easily control staff exposure to hazards by automatically defining “digital safe areas of work” around machinery and work activity. Dynamic geofencing triggers automated proximity warnings around a limitless range of hazards. Here’s just a few examples:

  • Automatically define safe areas of work according to work activities and traffic densities.
  • Set area access controls based on work activities, environmental conditions or staff competency.
  • Prevent vehicle and machinery collisions.

how do you use it?

Vehicle protection

With no dependence on optical or radar systems, SafetyNet operates with no blind spots and no failures to recognise vehicle or Pedestrian.

Slide a low-cost personnel tag into a pocket and wherever they walk, they can be sure they are protected from mobile machinery collisions.

Live plant protection

Protect staff from live machinery that pose risk of entanglement or strikes.

By automatically triggering geofences around live machinery you create safe areas around equipment to prevent staff venturing too close.

Lifting Operations

Operations happen in 3D. Protect your team from hazards at height by dynamically geofencing lifting Operations.

Integration with LIDAR allows cranes and gantries to detect the dimensions of lifting objects, allowing safe areas of work to be set dynamically according to size, height and direction of movement of the item at height.

time to take the lead in digital safety?

Companies embracing digital are leaving their peers behind with greater profitability, staff engagement and safety performance.

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