Tam Engineering want to show ROI on safety investments.

However, they are not finding it easy. Their complex global operations and fractured technology solutions make collecting, sorting and comparing data increasingly difficult.

So they turned to Logical Safery for an IoT for a solution.

By consolidating their legacy software with a single IoT solution, TAM were able to standardise processes, reporting and data collection for their sites globally.

Now they could track the finest detail of operations

With opportunities to integrate new data into a single reporting structure, they were now able to monitor and measure the finest detail of safety and operations.

Now they can prove ROI on their safety programs in so many ways

From incident KPIs, to operational costs through to worker behaviour; with more accurate and abundant data available for analysis, the team at TAM now explore new ways to understand the impact of the safety initiatives.

Making for a more engaged and productive workforce

Having solved many of the headaches that frustrated staff, the safety team saw improvements in staff safety engagement and productivity. With simpler work processes and the knowledge they were protected, staff could focus on performing the tasks in hand safely and efficiently.

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