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Logical Safety

November 2017-  Logical Safety was founded by Henrique Mateus.

Our Objective- to introduce a data driven approach to safety and operations, to allow for improved safety planning and operations optimisation.

Our Approach- combines data science and innovative technology to create proactive safety systems, able to predict and prevent emergencies.

Our multidisciplinary team- consists of operations and safety experts, software engineers and behavioural experts.

35 years- collective experience in operations and HSE management.

Beta Launch 3rd March 2018- our first product Logical Lock, an adaptive risk management and compliance solution, opens for a limited run beta trial.

Logical Lock

The product- adaptive safety management

Is an “active safety management” solution that combines wearable tech, mobile apps and data science to predict risk and prevent accidents. This industrial IoT solution allows for complete safety management, advanced analytics and global coordination of staff, equipment and policy.

The system is formed of three parts:

Automated work process controls for Lockouts, Inspections and Incident reports.

Automated task permission modules able to predict hazards and cut out mistakes.

  • “Errors of ineptitude”– most accidents are avoidable, caused by highly trained individuals making common mistakes.  (Atul Gawande)  (NIOSH)
  • Challenge-Response checklists -were successfully introduced in aeronautics and surgical medicine to solve these kind of errors. (NASA)  (BMJ) 
  • Current procedures are vulnerable to mistakes and changes in risk condition during work processes..
  • Our systems create “intelligent checklist” which guide users through work processes, checking safety steps and controlling task access.
  • Automated permission controls- tracking risk and compliance permits only competent individuals on task when it is 100% safe.
  • Task tracking –  each step of an inspection and lock out is automated, documented and reported to .
  • Ensures compliance and safety- it provides a vital brake that makes it impossible to skip or miss vital safety elements before beginning a task.


Wearable Monitor

  • Falls and collisions are the most common type of preventable accident. (CDC)
  • Wearable technology, the” internet of things” (IOT), autonomous vehicles and AI allow for new approaches to tackling these challenges.
  • Fall Detection- the tracker detects falls with 99.2% accuracy, reporting immediately with critical information for effective response.
  • Collision prevention- the tracker detects chips on machinery and vehicles, warning users and cutting power before the emergency can happen.
  • Vital monitoring – second by second reporting on worker vitals; 12 variables covering health, geospatial and kinetic (movement) data.
  • Guardian angel on site- with the tracker clipped to a belt, your team are fully protected.

Management. monitoring and reporting

An integrated management and analytics platform to control compliance, risk, staff and assets across the globe, in one place.

Real-time advanced analytics and automated reporting allow for easy investigation into the patterns behind accidents in the workplace.

  • Paucity of rigorous data can lead to guesswork  in policy planning.
  • Better data, (a greater variety of reliable, valid data) allows policy to be designed more intelligently, with greater appreciation of human behaviour .
  • Advanced analytic (or big data) techniques allow investigation of the patterns behind accidents and to understand their systemic causes.
  • Real-time reporting of hundreds of parameters on worker and operational health allows for overview and response.
  • Safety and operations optimisation- advanced data analytics allows to predict emergencies and discover critical metrics for optimisation of worker safety and site productivity.

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Life and Fall tracker- worker alarm and monitor

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