Enterprise Safety Management

Integrated management software giving you insight into the tiniest detail of safety

A safety decision you can prove the value of

Make safety a bottom line business function

As a safety professional, it can be a challenge to show the impact of your actions on staff and business health.

Omnisense- our integrated safety management software- solves that challenge. With features you won’t find anywhere else, Omnisense helps you streamline management, while tracking the tiniest detail of safety.  Now you can prove the impact of safety on your business’ bottom line.

Omnisense data management software

Advanced Management made Simple.

With all you need to manage enterprise safety in one, user-friendly platform you can do more than ever before with Omnisense. From automating management tasks to tracking hazards or analyzing safety initiatives, we make it simple with our easy to use software.

Modules and Features

The most comprehensive software on the market, Logical Safety provides you with core modules to manage safety and advanced features to master it.


Lockout Management

Inspection Management

Worker Protection


Personnel Management

Asset Management

Document Management

Training Management


PPE management


70% reduction

non-essential management time

90% reduction

company liablity index

85% reduction

safety incidents

The central hub of you safety network

Powered by the IoT, Omnisense can be fully customized to your needs, integrate with your existing enterprise software and connect with a wide range of peripheral sensors.

module popout- omnisense health and safety software

What makes it so good?

Real-time risk analysis

Logical Safety gives you the power of risk prediction and prevention and requires no specialist knowledge. With risk automatically analysed in real-time you can ensure your team is always safe.

Track every detail

As the central hub of your safety network, our management software allows you to track the tiniest detail in operations and safety, meaning you can be sure of safety, compliance and liability.

Modular and fully integrated

Thanks to our unique software architecture, our platform can integrate with your existing ERP and control software and connect with any peripheral devices. With each new connection, your adaptive safety system can do so much more.

Smarter Lockout management