The Life & Fall tracker

A wearable data monitor for lone working and high risk conditions

Life and Fall tracker- worker alarm and monitor
Life and Fall tracker

More than a man down alarm

The tracker is equipped with an array of data sensors that build a picture of condition and risk

It measures personal and environmental data

heart rate tracker

Heart Rate

movement tracker


geo-spatial tracker


orientation tracker


g-force tracker


pressures tracker


So that you can…

Catch every fall

The tracker detects the moment a worker loses their balance. Then alerts you with the information you need to respond in an instant.

Prevent collisions

Chips installed on vehicles and machinery communicate with the tracker, warning users and cutting power if a proximity breach is detected.

Life Tracker - Logical Lock - Logical Safety

Monitor and Respond

Connected to the Omnisense management software, you can track and respond to worker condition from anywhere, in real-time.

Drive detailed insight.

The tracker lifts the lid on formerly hidden aspects of safety. With new data you can drive new insight into the cause of incidents on your worksite.

Life and Fall tracker-back

Built for the toughest environments

Built to the highest international safety standards, the rugged design, 72 hour battery life and internet free technology means the tracker will never let you down.


2 year guarantee


Rugged Design


No internet needed

Your Guardian angel.

Capture the data you need to protect your team, wherever they go.