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What is an EHS software system and why is it important?

EHS norms and regulations are the most important consideration for a company. Non-conformities or violations can lead to complete shutdown of industrial facilities or heavy penalties. An EHS software system allows you to track and trace operations in order to monitor compliance.

However, most systems are reactive and allow for post-hoc investigation into non-compliance. Logical Lock is a proactive system, automatically controlling access to lockouts and ensuring compliance. 

What does the future of the EHS software system market look like?

From our 20 year experience in EHS, we see the future of EHS integrating frontier technologies such as artificial intelligence, wearable technology, augmented reality and IoT to create extraordinarily safe and productive workplaces.

Our mission is to think differently about EHS solutions to bring that future forward.

Many companies find it difficult to make a business case for EHS software. Do you have suggestions for demonstrating the value of these systems to senior management?

We created Logical Lock to solve the business case for an EHS solution.

We have been working within industry to develop an all-in-one safety system that allows safety and production metrics to be centrally managed, automated and optimisable.

Our approach reduces the risk of accidents to close to zero, ensures compliance and simplifies tasks processes and operations managements. That means fewer lost days of work, negligible risk of penalties and a more productive workforce.

When the benefits are weighed against the cost of the package, the numbers speak for themselves.


What devices can I use?

The software works on all platforms – mobile and computer.

Where are my files stored? Is my data safe?

Our default package stores your files on your own private cloud server.  Utilising the highest encryption standards in safest and most reliable server providers in the world your data is totally safe.

Furthermore we perform backups  5 times a day to keep your data safe on our redundancy servers.

Can it be linked with other systems or software programs?

Yes, Logical Lock is fully extensible. With permissions to access data, other software programs can be integrated with the Logical Lock system.

Is this software going to require a lot of IT resources?

No. The software is totally maintained and updated by us.


Can I use my own safety forms?

Yes you can. To ensure full compliance with all the OSHA and ISO regulations we always advise our clients regarding the right format for safety related documents, ensuring they comply with the highest safety standards. However, ultimately the choice of the forms is a client decision.

Why choose Logical Lock over other solutions?

Our system is the only system in the market able to predict risk and effectively prevent accidents before they happen. 

Logical Lock was created to centralise and simplify your EHS management, with our ELiTE approach (Everything linked to everything) it is the only system that allows you to optimise safety and operations metrics with simple data analytics and investigate accidents with forensic precision.

Is Logical Lock consistent with environment, health and safety standards?

Our system was built to surpass international safety standards and regulations and will be continually updated to meet new ones.


How much does it cost?

Your yearly subscription cost will depend on the plan you choose. However, the costs of each plan are inclusive of everything you will need to use Logical Lock fully.

We pride ourselves on our support, and all our clients will benefit from 24/7 remote assistance and remote training.

Should you choose, you can upgrade to include 24 hour installation and software & data science capacity building packages/

Are there additional costs?

Nope, your final quoted price is inclusive of everything you will need.

What’s the implementation going to be like and how much time will this take?

The system is designed to be as simple to install as possible.

On installation of the touch screen computers and RFID chips (if using the collision prevention system) the system is a ready to go. 

How does the support work?

Our call center is available to respond to your technical problems 24/7. 

In addition, all customers of Logical Lock gain access to software and data science training, best use guides and  support forums.

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