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Lone worker live monitoring for preemptive safety
Connect field operatives to operational management, establishing a permanent lifeline.
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FallTrackr connects field operatives to operational management, establishing a permanent lifeline so that they feel safe, knowing someone is watching over them.

Simply equip your frontline staff with a device and monitor their safety, issuing preventive alerts and dispatching emergency responses in just seconds.
Rugged, IP65 water Resistant
and Bluetooth enabled
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Fall detection
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Real-time monitoring
Define geografic fences around work areas, establishing virtual safe boundaries for staff members in the field.

Combined with real-time positioning, geofencing allows you to remotely control access to hazardous areas through proximity alerts, foreseeing potential safety breaches and preventing disaster.
A permanently open communications channel
Intuitively perform detailed risk assessments and apply preventive control measures, automatically notifying those affected about identified hazards, associated risk factors and operational activity.

Iteratively improve best practice, building on past risk assessments with new observations as Logical Lock draws on task history to help you identify related hazards.
Safety with boundaries but no limits
LifeTrackr ensures uninterrupted monitoring and communication even in the most adverse situations, where GPS and mobile network tend to be challenging if not impossible.

Thanks to inbuilt Bluetooth low energy technology, alongside bluetooth gateways and GSM amplifiers, your team will remain safe even in confined spaces and remote locations, such as indoors, underground or dead zones.
A bird's eye view over safety
The monitoring interface allows for real-time monitoring of the whereabouts and safety status of each of your staff members, from anywhere in the world.

Through the tracking device’s inbuilt sensors receive on screen notifications whenever a worker is irresponsive or a fall is detected.
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Define safe limits and prevent disaster
Create standard circular areas or draw your own custom polygonal fences, storing them for future use.

Once created, geofences are readily available. Just enable them and start restricting access to unauthorized staff. 
Promote compliance from within
Ensure not only the safety of those working outside access controlled areas, but also the compliance of those operating inside.
LifeTrackr grants complete control over the safety rules within geofenced areas, allowing you to set alerts for proximity, overspeeding machinery and so on.
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More than just safety in mind
Establishing virtual perimeters arround work areas enables a checkpoint system that allows you to leverage real-time positioning and activity torwards improved resource assignment and task schedulling, through such criteria as availability, proximity and so on, granting you the hability to make smarter operational decisions torwards increased productivity.
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