Worker Protection and Monitoring

A rugged and lightweight wearable device to monitor and respond to risk.

Protect your team, wherever they go.

Take the guessing game out of keeping your staff protected, monitor their health and risk exposure from anywhere in the world.

When your team enter high risk work how do you know they are safe? Until now you couldn’t. The Life and Fall tracker lifts the lid on hidden areas of safety, allowing you to monitor staff condition in real-time.


Monitor and Respond.

The most sophisticated wearable protection in the industry allows you to monitor worker condition, detect falls, detect exposure to dangers, geo-fence high risk areas and communicate in an instant

Monitor safety from anywhere in the world

Track team condition and activity from your computer or mobile with the app for the Life & Fall tracker.

How does it work?

Equipped with sensors covering everything from movement, location and environmental conditions, the tracker monitors and reports on worker condition in real-time.

1. Assign a member of staff a tracker and geo-fence a safe area for work.

2.The tracker monitors and reports on health and activity.

3.Monitor worker condition from the management platform.

4.Sensors detect falls, gas exposure, pressure changes and more.

5. Open two communications instantly to mount an effective response.


What makes it so good?

Fall Detection

If an emergency happens respond in an instant with fall detection and automated alerts.


GPS tracking and geo-fencing tools ensure your staff never wander from a safe work area.

Environmental Monitoring

Gas, pressure and altitude sensors allow you to monitor environmental condition to anticipate exposure to harm.

Enterprise Safety management

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