personal safety

the life & fall tracker

Detect and prevent incidents, simply.

enterprise-wide protection,
for your most valuable asset.

Everyday your team heads into work that risks their health. They need to feel safe and you need to know they are.

The Life and Fall tracker connects your front line staff directly to operational management, extending a lifeline letting them know, you’ve got them covered.


monitor and respond

The Life and Fall tracker makes it fast and simple
to connect your workforce to ensure their safety, where ever they go. With it, you can respond and contain emergencies in seconds, not hours. And by stopping the actions that lead to incidents, you can even prevent them.


a global view of worker safety

Track team condition and activity from your computer or mobile with the app for the Life & Fall tracker.

safety monitoring without limits

Ensure your team are covered in noisy or enclosed environments with Low Energy Bluetooth networks.

Low cost and simple to install networks of bluetooth beacons allow you to monitor staff where GPS trackers can’t.

Ideal for monitoring safety in confined space work where preventing incidents and mounting an effective response is most critical, we’ll help you set up strategic networks of beacons to ensure your team are covered, wherever they go.

why so good?

Digital Barriers

Control access to restricted areas remotely with geofencing and prevent exposure to risk.

By defining digital barriers around plant and operations, you set invisible safe perimeters for your staff on site.

If in breach, emergency alerts warn users and supervisors of the danger, opening digital comms to help a return to safety

Better connected

Network the tracker with a disparate sensors and operational technology via the tracking platform and protect staff from the range of risks on site.

Beyond man down

Reliably scale an integrated monitoring system for smart decisions and holistic protection.

A no fuss installation, scalable price tag and dedicated support makes the Life and Fall tracker a simple solution to business wide operational monitoring.

No trade-off on who to protect. Safeguard your entire team.

see it in action

Ready to transform how you manage personal risk?