Inspection Management

Mobile application for smooth, effective inspections.

Point perfect inspections, guaranteed.

As the foundation of your safety program, inspections ensure staff are able to work in a risk free environment. However, inspections are often far from perfect. Inspection standards can vary from moment to moment and difficult communication causes costly delays.

Smart Lock- safety and compliance software

Compliant inspections, built in a click.

Take the hassle out of inspection design and review. Quickly build inspections compliant to the highest standards with our form builder, set reminders for review and update documentation in a flash. Managing inspections was never this easy.

Lockout approval

Inspections measured in minutes

The mobile inspection application guides user through each step of the inspection process ensuring nothing is missed along the way. If anomalous results are detected automated communication in-app established a line between the right person to resolve the problem.

How does it work?

The mobile application connects the inspection process with every other activity on site. Real-time data from work activity and inspections is used to set safe areas for work.

1. Create database of inspection routines and associated safety information in a few clicks with the form builder.

2.Remotely assign a user inspection routine for completion.

3.User accesses inspection routine by scanning RFID chip on equipment for inspection.

4.User follows instructions for inspection completion and records values in mobile app.

5. Anomalous values trigger message to relevant stakeholder for resolution and blocks further activity.


What makes it so good?

Fast and user-friendly

The user-friendly platforms eliminates the need for cumbersome paper-based systems, reducing mistakes and completion time.

Point perfect inspections

With every step tracked from beginning to end you can ensure staff perform every inspection perfectly.

Instant communication

Communicating problems and approvals can cause delays in traditional inspection processes. Waste time no more with automated messages and in app responses for lightning fast communication between teams.