MM construction have a compliance problem

With large and complex operations across the globe, ensuring staff and company are up-to-standards with the latest regulations are increasingly difficult. Inspectors often find staff and work processes insufficient to meet the mark.

So they connected their enterprise safety with the IoT

With safety for the entire enterprise connected under a single solution they could now track staff activity and manage safety programs for their sites across the globe.

Now they can ensure staff follow the best practices

With work processes monitored, risk assessments digitized and inspections simplified they can be certain the staff any where in the world follow the best practices in everything they do.

And guarantee the right staff are on the right job

Before they safety review, MM construction found it difficult keeping tabs on staff development and responsibilities. Now with every staff profile stored digitally and automatic scheduling of training and development, they can guarantee the right person with the right training is on the job.

While management focus on delivering best-in-class safety programs

Now with their documentation stored digitally and built according to the latest legislation, management can ensure they have the most effective safety programs in the industry.

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