PEG Industrial lead the way on safety in their industry

With years of operations without a major incident, near zero rates of LTI and the most engaged workforce in their sector they are a leading light for others to follow.

Their secret? Adaptive safety management powered by the Internet of Things

Before reviewing their safety systems, PEG industrial were in a sorry state. Minor incidents were frequent causing expensive production disruptions and leaving them liable to heavy fines. So they turned to the Internet of Things to improve safety performance.

Now they can anticipate incidents before they happen

Having digitized their work processes with the Internet of Things, PEG’s front line staff swapped paper for tablet and touchscreen. Now, as they went about their work they could be warned and protected from impending dangers as they developed. That meant less incidents and fewer costly halts in production.

Wearable devices protect their staff from impending dangers

At PEG industrial, their employees are their most valuable asset, so they chose to protect them with wearable monitors. With the wearable devices connected across their production sites, they could detect impending dangers such as oncoming vehicles and exposure to hazardous materials.

And detect emergencies as they happen

Their wearable monitors also allow PEG to monitor staff health as they work in high risk conditions. Thanks to the range of sensors on the monitor, managers are alerted the moment an emergency occurs.

Their virtuous cycle of safety keeps them learning and improving

With their enterprise connected by the IoT, PEG industrial were able to investigate and report on their safety successes in the finest detail. Before long, they were identifying incident precursors and operational bottlenecks they never knew existed.

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