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Experts in data driven safety

Built with a vision for a new approach to safety

Safety for most workplaces has reached a plateau. To cross it, we need a new approach. An approach that goes beyond safety leadership and processes to take advantage of new tech opportunities. One that anticipates the incident instead of waiting for it. An approach that understands even the best make mistakes.

We founded Logical Safety on a vision for a new approach to safety; to use cutting-edge technological and human insight to proactively protect staff. Every day we work to innovate new solutions to make that vision a reality. With it our goal is to create workplaces that are 100% safe and extraordinarily productive.

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Our Mission

Predictive Safety 

Why wait for accidents to happen if we can predict them. At Logical Safety we work everyday towards a future where technology helps us anticipate and prevent emergencies.

Value driven safety

Too often balancing safety and the bottom line is seen as a trade-off. At Logical Safety we believe that safety can drive value by keeping staff safe and businesses productive. We design systems that seamlessly incorporate safety into operational tasks in order to add value and minimize costs.

Human Oriented Safety

At Logical Safety we understand safety is a human challenge. Which is why focus on the human at it’s heart in order to create systems that drive engagement, encourage safe behaviour and make staff feel safe and productive.

The Team

Our team is made of industry and tech experts with decades of experience in industrial safety, operations and business.


Henrique Mateus


Karina Santos
Safety & Legal Advisor


Fabio Santos
Head Technical Develop


Alan Walker
Marketing & Strategy


Jan Sorensen
Lead Solution Designer

Your challenge is our passion

At Logical Safety we strive everyday to build the best solution to tackle your business’ safety challenges. Helping you to keep staff healthy while proving the value of safety is our passion.

We work closely with our customers to build and customise the ideal solution for them.

Now see it in action.

Take a tour of our innovative safety solution and learn how you could keep staff safe before the emergency.