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Safety driven productivity

We help you to seamlessly integrate risk management with your operational workflow, enabling you to proactively prevent emergencies, while simplifying operations for both management and staff.

With a safety first approach, our goal is to turn safety from a passive investiment into an active one, by tackling it from a productivity standpoint torwards increased operational performance.
Our Vision
Breaking through the safety plateau
Traditional safety procedures have reached a plateau. Despite companies continuous financial and operational efforts in adopting and enforcing best practices, incidents are a persistent reality and safety procedures keep falling short of expected results.

Envisioning a proactive approach to safety that resorts to cutting-edge technology torwards enhanced human insight, our IoT powered solutions allow companies to achieve significant safety breakthroughs.

Everyday we work arduously to deliver innovative solutions that aim to make this vision a reality, aspiring to create workplaces that are 100% safe and highly productive.
Our Mission
Solve the most challenging issues preventing progress in operational risk management.
Formed in 2017, but decades in the making, Logical Safety was forged in the quarries and factories of the construction materials industry.

Founded by Henrique Mateus, who, from 25 years in the industry, saw the rising need to tackle persistent issues preventing progress in safety and operations, Logical Safety draws on over 80 years shared industry experience and a network of tech experts to tailor IoT solutions for forward thinking companies searching for new ways to tackle and improve safety.
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LOTO digitised for streamlined real-time management.
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Lone worker live monitoring  for preemptive safety
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Ranging and position detection for collision prevention
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