At Spark Energy out-dated safety processes are slowing them down

With the safety department running on paper and a handful of stand alone software, managing safety and production efficiently has become an almost impossible. Staff depend on cumbersome document folders, communication is slow and unreliable and management can’t track or understand what is happening.

So they began digital transformation plan for a more effective safety system.

The first step for Spark Energy was to create a digital twin of their paper based systems. Now, with a digital database of all their safety info, they could create and update documentation, analyse data and create reports in a flash

Then they integrated that data with mobile process applications

With the goal of saving time for staff, the next step was to integrate their digital databases with mobile applications. Now front line staff had the most up-to-date work information at their fingertips and could communicate problems in an instant- cutting production down time and ensuring processes are performed safely and efficiently.

While management could track every detail and intervene to stop costly mistakes.

Having connected their workforce through mobile apps and wearable tech, management could now monitor staff activity and track progress in each task. With automated systems to anticipate and prevent hazards, management could intervene before costly incidents occurred, meaning safer staff and fewer delays in operations.

Making for a more engaged and productive workforce

Having solved many of the headaches that frustrated staff, the safety team saw improvements in staff safety engagement and productivity. With simpler work processes and the knowledge they were protected, staff could focus on performing the tasks in hand safely and efficiently.

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