Logical Safety to unveil latest innovations at the Safety & Health expo 2019

Safety and Health expo 2019– the UK’s largest Health and Safety event will again be the first opportunity for industry professionals to try out the latest innovations from IoT safety startup Logical Safety.

This year’s Safety and Health expo sees Logical Safety unveil two innovations that expand the company’s portfolio of products to proactively keep staff safe.

Augmented Reality Control of Work system

The first, an augmented reality Control of Work (CoW) system for Lockouts, builds on the company’s existing mobile application that automates the Lockout process and protects users from developing risks On the innovation CEO, Henrique Mateus stated:

“We are excited to push new boundaries in the use of Mixed Reality technologies to not only make staff safer responding to and anticipating evolving risks, but to make work processes simpler and more effective.”

Logical Lock”, the software powering the CoW app, guides users through the Lockout/Tagout process.  By monitoring staff progress and cross checking live data with operational databases the application ensures staff are compliant with procedures.
Next, the app, which connects in real-time to wearable devices, environmental sensors and work activity can respond to changes in risk profile to keep staff safe.

“For example, If a gas release is detected, the application creates an alert that stops task progression and informs users of the need to equip respirators.” explained Henrique Mateus. 

Task Access and PPE detection

The second product to be released, was inspired by the startup’s visit to the Safety and Health expo in 2018.

“Having spoken to hundreds of professionals at the event last year, it became apparent how many companies experienced difficulties in ensuring staff were equipped with the correct PPEs when at work” told Henrique.

The solution they created was the digital lockbox, a task access station and lockbox that, integrated logical Lock,  detects PPEs and safety locks when staff access a task. If staff is not equipped with the correct PPE at point of task inititation, they are blocked from progressing and alerts are sent to appropriate supervisors.

According to logical safety’s business developer, Alan Walker:

“Not only does the LogicBox allow companies to ensure staff are compliant with PPE requirements but allows companies to track PPE usage and exposure. Meaning that automated alerts can be set when a PPE needs to audited or renewed.”

In addition, sensors on the digital lockbox ensure that staff are using correct personal and equipment locks during Lockout/Tagout procedures. By automatically detecting the locks in use, managers can know who is actively involved in each task and prevents accidental startup of a machine through users mistakenly removing locks.  

The future is Self-Regulating Safety

As an IoT company, Logical Safety’s focus is on combining these solutions into a single “self-regulating” safety network. For head of business development Alan Walker, the most exciting part of the event isn’t the launch of these individual solutions.

“It is exciting to witness the evolution of our connected approach to safety. With each new connected solution the potential to anticipate hazards, protect staff and make complex work simpler and more enjoyable increases exponentially. The best part of the expo this year will be seeing how it all fits together.”

To explore the possibilities of IoT safety systems, discuss your ambitions and priorities for your safety and pick up a freebie or two visit Logical Safety at stand SH1820, next to the main entrance. You can book your personal demonstration with one of our advisors here.