Data Driven Safety

Technology for smarter, more effective safety

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Automated protection & risk prediction

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Real-time monitoring of granular data

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Integrated management and reporting.

This is Logical Lock

The first IoT powered safety system able to predict and prevent hazards.

Logical Lock is the world’s first complete safety solution that protects workers from the moment they step on site to the moment they leave.

Logic Safety – data driven safety – a new class of EHS solution

Three parts.
Each revolutionary.
Connected, the future of safety.

Smart Lock- safety and compliance software

Smart Lock- a mobile app that guarantees compliance and safety in Lockouts.

Intuitive and intelligent, Smart Lock guides users through each stage of the Lockout process, checking compliance and calculating risk potential with live site data.

Life & Fall Tracker–  a wearable monitor to spot danger and track staff condition.

The Life & Fall tracker collects second by second data on health, activity and the work environment to detect falls, prevent collisions and respond the moment they need your help.

Life and Fall tracker

Omnisense- all-in-one software for simplified management

Omnisense integrates health and safety management so you can easily manage risk, compliance, resources and reports on all your locations in one place.

Developed in the most high risk workplaces

Logical Lock was developed with businesses in the cement, steel, oil and manufacturing industries. Through rigorous trials and close collaboration we created a solution that dramatically improves safety and productivity.

Logical Safety and cement


Logical Safety and oil


Logical Safety and manufacturing


Logical Safety and steel


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Make safety your competitive advantage.

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