Smarter Safety Management

IoT powered safety systems to predict and prevent risk

We are Logical Safety

Taking you the last hard yards in safety


Industry 4.0 is transforming business, fast. Seizing the opportunity means pulling ahead with step change improvements in operations and safety. We make your digital transformation simple with tailor-made IoT Risk Management solutions for safer, more productive work.

As many companies struggle with static safety and operational performance, it is the change you have been waiting for. We are Logical Safety. We make work safer, smarter and more productive.


Connecting risk management.

We take your jumbled mix of operational tech and seamlessly blend it with next gen IoT devices and software.

The result: “smart” safety networks that break-down silos, anticipate incidents and boost productivity.

What do we do?

Your business is keeping staff safe and operations running smoothly. Our business is helping you make that happen with tailored solutions for safe work and on-the-ground protection.

We solve your challenges in these areas:

isolation safety

high risk work

machinery safety

Experts in digital risk management

 We help you navigate the road to industry 4.0 with safety at the center of smarter operations.


How do we help?

We help you solve the most persistent challenges preventing progress in operations and safety.

Eliminate incidents

We help you breakout static safety performance with smart systems to anticipate and prevent incidents

Smarter Decisions

With insight into risk across your enterprise, we help you measure, prioritize and evaluate safety initiatives for greater impact.

Greater Collaboration

We help you break down departmental barriers with unified communications and integrated management systems.

Optimize Performance

We help you monitor and understand the finest details of operations to cut waste and boost productivity.

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Time to take the lead in digital safety?

Companies embracing digital are leaving their peers behind with greater profitability, staff engagement and safety performance.

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