Smarter Safety Management

IoT powered safety systems to predict and prevent risk

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Automated protection & risk prediction

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Real-time analysis of incident risk

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Automated management and reporting.

Management overload?

Put safety on autopilot with Logical Safety

Drowning in paperwork? Have your safety systems digitized but accidents still happen? Struggling to get control over compliance?

It’s time to get smart about safety. Logical Safety unleashes the power of real-time data with our adaptive systems to help you master safety across your entire enterprise.

Join forward-thinking companies in the most high risk industries that use our automated networks to streamline management, boost productivity and guarantee staff are safe wherever they go.

We design

proactive safety systems

to protect your staff in the

moments that count.


By connecting tech to monitor and respond to risk in real-time.

Logical Safety connects cutting edge software, mobile apps and peripheral sensors to track every detail of operational risk in real-time, so you can stop worrying about your next emergency and preempt it.

What can it do?

lockout management

inspection management

worker protection

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enterprise safety

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