100% Safe. 100% Compliant.

Lockout safety and compliance software for mobile, tablet and touchscreen.

Smart Lock- safety and compliance software

Simplicity that leads.

An intuitive user interface leads the user through each stage of the Lockout process.

confirm task safe- smart lock

It makes every step unskippable

The tracker checks that each step of the Lockout is performed and staff are fully compliant. Scanning chips on equipment confirms safety checks have been made correctly.

while behind the scenes it works

As the user works, Smart Lock uses live data from across site to calculate risk in real-time, for every Lockout.

behind-the-scenes- Smart Lock
missing-ppe- smart lock

Stop work before the emergency

As users work, Smart Lock uses live operational data to calculate risk for every Lockout. If it detects a hazard the app blocks progression until the task is made safe.

Resolve problems, easily

Automatic message escalation ensures no time is wasted waiting for approvals or resolution to problems.

Lockout approval

Track every step

With every step of the Lockout process tracked and recorded in realtime, Smart Lock gives you complete control over compliance.

connected- smart lock

Stop wasting time with old lockouts