IOT ready, health & safety software

Complete health and safety software equipped for IoT technology to simply manage safety from anywhere in the world.

Omnisense data management software

Omnisense integrated safety management

Goodbye paperwork. Hello digital twin.

With all your safety and operations data safely stored in the cloud you can digitise your whole operations. Omnisense then combines this data to build a second-by-second picture of risk across site.

All your data in one place

All your safety and operations data in one user-friendly platform, you can perform all your management tasks from within Omnisense.

module popout- omnisense health and safety software

One-click Management

With all your management needs in one place you can update information, set tasks and check status in a few clicks.

omnisense management
omnisense- internet of things safety software

The central hub of your safety network

Omnisense connects with the peripheral sensors, software and machinery including smart lock and the life and fall tracker to build a smart safety system.

Centralised Control

Be everywhere with real-time data feeds from across your sites globally. Manage every last detail with ease.

control room omnisense
omnisense- analytics software

Data driven reporting

No more waiting for reports from IT. Organise data and produce reports in an instant with a simplified reporting module.